Our Firm's History

ATDM is supplier, seller and exporter of best quality Iranian (Persian) Standard saffron in a variety of Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Daste and Stigma with our own FLORA Brand to worldwide. We supply all kind of Saffron in Iran including Khorasan Mashhad Saffron, Ghaen saffron, Torbat Heydariye saffron, Sargol, Negin, Pooshal, Pushali, Tied bunch, Dasteh, red color saffron with the best reasonable prices. Sale prices are direct from the farmer.

We export Saffron without any intermediary, which is conveyed to our customer directly from our farmers. Due to the sensitivity and precision, our company at harvesting and drying process ensures you that our products will be available with a high perdurability. We have dealer and buyer in the cities that are poles in producing our products; have action to create a large network of production and distribution of the products of known Iranian Saffron.

ATDM has been successful, based on long-term plans taken effective steps and by identifying the production resources Iran, to establish a strong chain of supply, sales and export saffron. Due to favorable climatic conditions, Iran saffron unparalleled of taste and quality and is first place in the world. And also the first manufacturer and exporter of Iranian saffron, this valuable product and their therapeutic properties, we intend to benefit from this blessing of God, all countries of the world. Our real look to strategic programs and long-term is based on Porter’s SWOT Chart, that able to convert distribution weaknesses into strengths and by eliminating middlemen and identifying rapid transport systems, Safe and cheap, to send a cheap product around the world.

Given the importance of consumer satisfaction, ATDM special care of origin to destination, including the supply, sale and export of saffron, so that with the modifying production system in agriculture and horticulture at entire process, including manner irrigation properly, use less than chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and harvesting proper and hygienic and as well as how warehousing and storage and packaging , has been able to offer quality products and high standard to customers around the world. To this end, we in all the cities which are poles manufacture our products have created agency monitoring and purchase and with the manage the correct distribution systems, have surpassed their competitors.

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