The all red and white parts of the stigma bunched and formed by a piece of thread is “bunch” type. Some customers upon their usages prefer to buy this type.

The Style of the saffron plant, has less CULINARY VALUE, that means less AROMA, FLAVOR or COLOR. If is left attached to the red stigmas, it adds 30% to 50% DEAD weight to the saffron flower, and you pay for it. Note it’s as long as 1 ¾ inches. When dry, it curls and you can hardly see it. But has many uses in medicine and… u could refer to our saffron uses page.


Three main items

Flora saffron test result

Iso-3632 ( highest quality )


85 or more

70 or more


230 or more

190 or more


30 or more

Between 20 and 50

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