Poushali Saffron

This type has obtained at the beginning of harvest, a little longer than red parts of stigma that is usually in the form of triple filament. The color of the end part becomes pale red and orange that is in the size of 3 to 5 mm after the existing joint among the 3 filaments. “Poushal” means massive for its volume resulted from the time and method of harvesting and drying.


“Poushal” has the same power of coloring and aroma as “All red filaments” type and it usually use for fantasy and luxury packing.

Pushali could be packed in any bigger packing because of its shape that has more volume rather than sargol and negin. And will be damaged less than the others.

Three main items

Flora saffron test result

Iso-3632 ( highest quality )


85 or more

70 or more


230 or more

190 or more


30 or more

Between 20 and 50

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