The Health Benefits of Saffron Tea

Saffron tea is enjoying a resurgence amongst world’s tea lovers, spurred on partly by the emergence of a sophisticated tea drinking culture, and partly by raised awareness amongst worlds of the many documented health benefits of saffron.

Saffron tea is amazingly simple to make, all you need is hot water, and some high quality saffron. Of course you can add any number of condiments to give your own unique twist to your saffron tea. Fresh mint, honey, cardamom, lime, green tea leaves, ginger, orange blossoms; the only limit is your own imagination.

Tea is one of the best ways to ingest saffron for its health benefits. The active compounds in the saffron threads are water soluble, and absorb straight into your bloodstream through your digestive system. Whilst saffron is delicious in food, you might be following a diet or simply time poor, and need a simple and quick way of enjoying saffron’s health benefits.

Saffron has been shown to :
• help with depression and anxiety,
• contain antioxidant properties which fight disease,
• reduce inflammation and improve circulation, and
• improve memory and learning
A cup of saffron tea takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare using the recipe below. The most important part of the recipe is the steeping of the saffron into the liquid. If you don’t give the saffron enough time to infuse, you will waste some of the precious compounds which will be left in the threads.

This recipe will make 4 cups of saffron tea :
Ingredients :
• 4 cups of water (recently boiled)
• a small pinch of saffron (around 15-20 threads)

Optional :
• Tea bags of your choice (Earl Grey, Green Tea are just a few ideas)
• Honey
• Ginger
• Fresh mint

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